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Pirinenc Clàssic 2016

Enter the first light mountaineering competition in the world. On Sunday November 6th, a handful of roped parties will tackle one of the wildest ridge lines of the Pyrenees. Up to thirteen peaks within 8 hours, in less than 15km. This is Pyreneism.

Frankreich Fr > Midi-Pyrénées
Andorra Ad > Ordino, La Massana
Spanien Es > Catalonia
Teilnehmer 3 Finisher 0
Start (CET) 06.11.16
Minimum / Anzahl Wegpunkte
/ 13
Ende (CET) 06.11.16
Höhe m2684
Höhe m 2914

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We are Carles and Matt, Pirinenc co-founders, mountain athletes and adventurers. We were together back in October 2013 the first people to connect the seven highest peaks of Andorra in a row, when inspiration took hold: the development of genuine mountain events in the heart of the Pyrenees, following the purity of natural, exposed ridge lines while capturing the camaraderie and skills of true mountaineers.


  1. 2
    Pic de Costa Rodona 2823 m Frankreich Andorra
    Matt Lefort 06.11.2016 / 10:59 Matt Lefort
  2. 5
    Pic de Tristaina
    Pic de Tristaina 2876 m Frankreich Andorra
    Isards 06.11.2016 / 10:17 Isards
  3. 5
    Pic de Tristaina 2876 m Frankreich Andorra
    Matt Lefort 06.11.2016 / 10:14 Matt Lefort

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