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Bag Peaks in Seconds

Peakhunter makes it very easy to keep track of all the summits you have mastered. And it keeps that log of yours safely in the cloud. No worries about changing devices, software updates, damage or loss. Don’t waste time staring at an app screen when you should be enjoying the view!

Don’t get lost

Peakhunter comes with maps to keep you oriented. The OpenStreetMap can even be cached for use in areas with no internet service. A distance grid and compass assist you en route.

Fit for the Outdoors

Peakhunter was designed from the start to be reliable even if you don’t have any network connection. It relies on GPS only. And where do you get a clear GPS signal if not on the top of a mountain? Entries can be synched to the cloud later.

Hook in

Going on a ski tour alone might not be the smartest idea. Climbing alone is impossible. Hiking solo seems boring to many. Having a good touring or climbing buddy can come in handy. Contact other hunters with our messaging service. Share your happy moments with others.

Global Peak Project

There’s no source for accurate positions and heights of peaks. Our goal is to create the most accurate database on peaks worldwide by using crowd sourced GPS data. Create new Peaks on the fly.

Peakhunter Pro is out!*
Offline Topo Maps, Route Planner, Messages and more.

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* Only in the Swiss, Austrian, German and Italian Apple App Store. Coming to more countries soon!